Solar Eclipse

There is a Solar Eclipse coming up on March 20, 2015. We will be witnessing the biggest solar eclipse since 1999, when thousands of people flocked to Cornwall in the hope of witnessing this magical event.

What is a Solar Eclipse?
A solar eclipse occurs when the moons orbit lines up in-between the sun and the Earth. The moon therefore, blocks out the light of the sun temporarily. This casts a shadow on the Earth, creating a spectacular scene.

Can I look at it?
The Suns UV radiation can burn the retinas of the eyes; this could lead to permanent damage or blindness. Therefore you should always take precautions when looking at the sun,
-    eclipse glasses -
-    Welders goggles-
-    Aluminised Mylar sheeting-
-    Pin hole projector-

These are all safe ways of viewing a solar eclipse, without causing damage to your eyes.

When will it happen again?

The next total eclipse to be seen in Britain will take place in 23rd September, 2019. With a very small partial eclipse in Scotland in 2018