Within the school there has been discussion amongst teaching staff on the topic of homework, as pupils have been reported to have too much homework. We have interviewed the Head of English on this topic. His view was that homework should be based on preparation, learning and reading as opposed to writing assignments.

"I think that sometimes we've given priority to quantity of homework, when I'm more interested in learning... so it's difficult to know what the right balance is. I'd like to see a bit more thinking, less homework, rather than writing a lot...for its own sake. I mean homework that means something, in the right sort of quantity, so that pupils...don't feel that they've been bashed over the head, because I think that if you are the scholars in the school, who enjoy work, you will find other ways of working, even if you haven't got this homework- you'll read a book or watch an interesting programme, and that's all work, I think." - Mr McCabe

We then asked pupils on their opinions.

"I think homework is useful, although there can be days where we get too much."

"I think that homework has its uses and help children to understand topics. However, I think that homework in large amounts can often be counterproductive. I think that homework would benefit from being shorter."

As we can see, pupils and staff have differing views amongst themselves about homework, as a remodelling of the homework system could be at hand.