The lads' review of BBC School News Report 2015

At LGS, the day began with Year 9s enthusiastically reading newspapers and scanning the internet for news stories to report on. At 9 00, we split apart to begin a day of of reporting, interviewing and vox-pops. Squads of sports, music, technology and skilled technicians started to write and upload articles about everything from Eclipses to iPhones and Rugby to electric cars. A key part of the day was interviewing Mr Lloyd on the eclipse, Mr Lewis on rugby, Dr Healey on iPads and the legendary Mr West on music. Our news page, however, would not be complete without a comical vox-pop and a team selfie! The squad worked right up to the 3 o'clock deadline to cram every story in and everyone sat back satisfied to look at our complete page. A fun and memorable day for all!