Solar Eclipse

Tomorrow, on March the 20th, Britain will witness the biggest solar eclipse since 1999, when crowds flocked to Cornwall to see it. In 2015, however, at LGS we will be lucky enough to witness it at school for ourselves. The school has planned a series of activities for years 6-9, so that everyone can observe the eclipse safely.  Classes from 6 to 9 will be invited out to the Quad at various times in order to take part in activities such as viewing the eclipse through special protective glasses and observing projections of the sun on a screen. We hear that teachers have some interesting activities planned, such as Dr. Luke who has some exciting eclipse maths problems prepared. Back up for cloudy weather is also ready, with live webcasts and space documentaries prepared. Everyone is looking forward to a day of fun. We will be interviewing Mr. Lloyd later so be sure to check it out!