What are we all listening to?

Music. To some people it is a very important part of their lives, even making a career
out of it, while to others, it is just a form of passing the time while on the train. With all the
different forms of media and electronic devices we have today, it is now easier than ever to
access all of your favourite music tracks, and listen to them whenever you want. Whether it's
via your phone, iPad, MP3 player or other device, listening to music is often the favoured
choice of entertainment when it comes to teenagers.
We asked the boys in 9EJ and 9SLM what music they usually chose to listen to in their
free time, and the answers they gave were quite varied. A large majority of the boys listened
to Capital FM, which is a good choice for a wide range of the latest pop/rock hits by the top
artists. The other section of the boys' music interests covered a lot of different styles, such as
indie rock, electronic, Eastern, dubstep, and heavy metal, which just goes to show the huge
range of music that one can access from their phone.